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Suzi's Spiritual Companioning

Meet Suzi Hunn, a member of a spirituality companionship group.

Suzi first learned about Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality after attending a vespers service in the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet chapel. The service had such a positive effect on her that she immediately signed up for the Wisdom Ways newsletter and read about a new group it was offering: Spiritual Companioning. After the isolation and loneliness from the pandemic, Suzi knew that joining a group was the right decision for her.

Each month Suzi's group met to actively listen to each other, share in prayer and silence, and process their individual experiences. From her very first session Suzi felt supported, accepted, and that she was a part of a broader community. A community of individuals working together to lift each other up and provide unbiased support, no matter what.

Suzi's experience with her Spiritual Companioning group inspired her to start her own business helping other individuals tap into their potential and work toward their goals. She meets with with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them find their passion and drive, and mentors them in how to be successful with their employees. She helps others find their deeper purpose by taking the time to listen to them and provide space for reflection. Just like her companioning group continues to do for her.

Her Spiritual Companioning Group is an important part of Suzi’s life, and she hopes to continue supporting her clients in the same way she’s been supported.

I feel like I’m with such a supportive group of amazing women.

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