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Seeing Hope at Learning In Style School

Kodjo arrived in Minnesota from Togo with a basic understanding of English and a dream to become a citizen of the United States. He knew that to pass the citizenship test he would need to speak and write English well, so he set out to find a school that would help a Togolese immigrant prepare for the test. What he found was Learning In Style School, a school specifically for adult immigrants in South Minneapolis and supported by the Ministries Foundation.

I saw hope the first time I came in to Learning In Style.

Learning In Style School empowers immigrants and refugees through education in math, computer competence, citizenship preparedness, and English. Located in the Whittier Neighborhood of South Minneapolis, the school has an onsite community food shelf and offers free childcare for students during classes.

Kodjo spent less than a year learning English at Learning In Style and successfully earned his citizenship. He went on to get his high school diploma, then Associate's Degree, after that his Bachelor's Degree, and is now working on his PhD at Saint Mary's University. He is thankful every day for the help he received from Learning In Style and works every day to do the best for himself and his family.

Two adults with two children.
Kodjo and his family.

When Kodjo arrived in Minnesota from Togo, Africa, he had basic English skills but couldn’t write or read well enough to accomplish his dream – becoming a citizen of the United States. When he discovered Learning In Style School, he experienced hope for the first time. The joy and dedication he witnessed from the teachers showed him the importance of kindness and doing good for one’s community. Kodjo is now a permanent US citizen and serving time with the Army in Iraq. He hopes to one day become a priest and encourage others to do good in their communities.

Somebody like me... they (teachers) made my dreams come true. That hope drives me to do good

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