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Feel free to follow along with the ministries of the Sisters' and the

St. Paul Province in any way that you choose. Below is an extensive list of how to sign up for newsletters and social media accounts, please let Alyssa Howells know if you cannot find what you are looking for. 

Ministries Foundation: Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Friday Inspiration Newsletter, Advent Calendar

Sisters of St. Joseph - St. Paul Province: Website, Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

Sarah's... an Oasis for Women: Website, Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn

St. Mary's Health Clinics: Website, Facebook

Learning In Style School: Website

St. Joseph Worker Program: Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality: Website, Newsletter (scroll to bottom of page), Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Justice Commission: Website, Newsletter

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