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Luisa Manages her Diabetes with St. Mary's Health Clinics

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

In 2014 twenty year-old Luisa* was seen by St. Mary's Health Clinics after she was diagnosed with Diabetes and Hypothyroid. Her blood sugar levels ranged from nine to eleven (5.7 or below is healthy) and she knew she needed to lower it for her health and her family family.

St. Mary’s Health Clinics provides free medical care, outreach, and education to low-income, uninsured families, and individuals who are not eligible for government programs. The clinics conduct health screenings, education and promotion, and outreach in collaboration with community organizations.

Luisa was switched to a different insulin medication, and St. Mary's Health Clinics helped her pay for it with a voucher. Even through many hardships, including her husband being deported after being jailed and two young children to care for, Luisa continued to work to manage her diabetes with help from the staff at St. Mary's. Eventually she was able to pay for her own medication and has remained committed to her self-care and health.

In June 2021 Luisa's blood sugar levels were at 6.8 - the lowest since her diagnosis. The staff at St. Mary's looks forward to continuing to work with Luisa and educating her and her family about the benefits of a healthy diet and wellness.

*name changed for confidentiality

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