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November 28

It's Sarah's... an Oasis for Women

November 28

A program of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Sarah's... an Oasis for Women is a home dedicated to the safety and dignity of a diverse community of women who have survived violence, abuse, torture, war, discrimination, and trauma. The residents of Sarah's begin new and productive lives through programs that build self-esteem, self-sufficiency, confidence, determination, and community.

The women of Sarah's are a strong and resilient group of survivors working to make their lives safer and more fulfilling in a new country. Donations received for Sarah's go to supporting the residents in getting their immigration status, filing for a work permit, culturally appropriate food to prepare in a communal kitchen, international minutes to call home to connect with children left behind, and much more.

​To learn more about Sarah's... an Oasis for Women, we invite you to try your luck at the quiz below and share with a friend something new you learned about this
amazing program.

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