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December 17

Learning In Style School, a ministry supported by the Ministries Foundation, features in today's Advent post.

December 17

Learning In Style School, a ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and supported by the Ministries Foundation, was established in 1994 and currently serves adult learners in the Whittier Neighborhood of South Minneapolis.

The school provides classes in English, Math, Computer Competence, and Citizenship preparation to new comers to the Twin Cities community.

When the pandemic forced schools to teach virtually, many families lost a reliable meal source they had for their children in lunchtime. Learning In Style realized that an essential resource was missing for their students and opened up a neighborhood food shelf, which quickly expanded to include household goods, diapers, kitchen staples, and activities for children stuck at home. Learning In Style is more than an adult education facility, it is a community resource and gathering place for new families.

Kodjo Djondo, a past student, attributes much of his and his family's success to the education he received at Learning In Style. He currently serves for the Minnesota National Guard and, thanks to Learning In Style School, attained his U.S. citizenship and earned his Master's degree.

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