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December 14

The sixteenth day of Advent introduces another ministry, Sarah's... an Oasis for Women.

December 14

A ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, and supported by the Ministries Foundation, Sarah's... an Oasis for Women is a home dedicated to the safety and dignity of a diverse community of women who have survived violence, abuse, torture, war, discrimination, and trauma.

The residents of Sarah's begin new and productive lives through programs that build self-esteem, self-sufficiency, confidence, determination, and community. Sarah's connects its residents to social services, education opportunities, job preparedness training, and necessary medical care. Women come to Sarah's through referrals from outside organizations.

One of Sarah's mantras is "You come to Sarah's in order to leave," reminding the residents that Sarah's is an entryway into new, self-reliant lives. A number of Sarah's residents have bought their own homes, and many have reunited with family members from their home countries.

Dorcas in front of their Christmas tree.

Originally from Liberia, Dorcas lived at Sarah's from 2013 - 2016. She said that her time spent at Sarah's felt like "home" and that the Director, Cheryl Behrent, "...was such a good mentor and we would meet with her to set goals, I never knew what "goals" were. Little by little I came to know what they were and one of the goals I set for myself was to one day own a home."

In 2016 both of Dorcas' daughters reunited with her in St. Paul and they purchased a house in 2019. Dorcas and her daughters look forward to celebrating Christmas together in their new home.

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