December 6

Feast of St. Nicholas.

The Feast of St. Nicholas, often celebrated in the United States by placing shoes out the night of December 5th for them to be filled with treats, has a long history around St. Nicholas, a bishop in 4th-century Turkey.

Stories about St. Nicholas all have a common theme: the sharing of what we can for the justice of others. St. Nicholas does not ask us to share all that we have but instead a portion because together, many portions add up to a larger whole. 

Since the time for placing your shoes out for treats has passed, could you instead share a little of what you have with our ministries? Started by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and supported by the Ministries Foundation, our programs provide essential services focusing on education, healthcare, safe housing, spirituality, and social justice. The money you donate goes to Diabetes prevention and education, Citizenship preparedness classes for new community members, culturally sensitive food, and much more. No matter the size, each gift has a huge impact on the people and families our programs serve.

Thank you for giving generously and being a part of this community.