December 8

It's Throwback Thursday and today we have photos from Christmas past of some of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet have been in St. Paul, MN, since 1851. Thanks to the Sisters and their influence, many of the schools, healthcare systems, and non-profit organizations began in the Twin Cities area.


And of course, the Sisters started the programs supported by the Ministries Foundation, including St. Mary's Health Clinics, Sarah's... an Oasis for Women, Learning In Style School, Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality, Justice Commission, and many more.

Hover over the image to reveal which Sister is featured in the below Christmas images.

a. Susan Oeffling, CSJ

b. Susan Hames, CSJ 

c. Jean Wincek, CSJ 

d. Linda Taylor, CSJ

a. Mary Lang, CSJ

b. Mary Vincent, CSJ 

c. Marie Seiter, CSJ

d. Mary O'Brien, CSJ

a. Irene O'Neill, CSJ

b. Suzanne Herder, CSJ 

c. Lillian Long, CSJ

d. Betty Adams, CSJ

a. Chris Ludwig, CSJ

b. Mary Calder, CSJ

c. Ann Diehl, CSJ

d. Rita Foster, CSJ

a. Katherine Rossini, CSJ

b. Jill Underdahl, CSJ

c. Cathy Steffens, CSJ

d. Catherine Mary Rosengren, CSJ

a. Sharon Gondek, CSJ

b. Jane Hurley, CSJ

c. Irene O'Neill, CSJ

d. Brigid McDonald, CSJ

a. Jane McDonald, CSJ

b. Kate McDonald, CSJ

c. Rita McDonald, CSJ

d. Brigid McDonald, CSJ