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December 22

“Moving always toward the profound love of God and love of neighbor

without distinction.” 

First site of St. Mary's Hospital

A hearth in Le Puy, France

The first hospital in Minnesota, St. Joseph's Hospital

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet established the Ministries Foundation to fundraise for and support the programs they began. Thanks to these amazing women multiple schools, healthcare systems, and non-profit organizations have been established in the Twin Cities area. Enjoy the below abbreviated history of the Sisters' arrival in Saint Paul, MN, and make sure to visit our History page to learn more.

The Sisters of St. Joseph began in France as a community of six women in 1650. These women saw need all around them and embraced the “practice of all the spiritual and corporal works of mercy of which woman is capable and which most benefited the dear neighbor.” They continued this work despite attempts of suppression and the French Revolution. In 1836, six brave Sisters crossed the Atlantic and established a Province in Carondelet, MO and began providing instruction to local children and the deaf. In 1851, the St. Paul Province was established and schools and hospitals were built. Ever since, the Sisters of St. Joseph continue to have a strong presence in the community and Minnesota. Ministries have been established that focus on the services of peace, justice, and advocacy for those frequently left on the margins.  


The upheaval of the last few years has been unprecedented. The needs of the people served have multiplied. The Sisters and their ministries continue to adapt. Health care, education and safe housing ministries now also provide more basic needs such as food and rent money. Spirituality programs reach out remotely to those looking for spiritual guidance and healing. Through it all, Sisters of St. Joseph continue to show their love of God and neighbor without distinction. 

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