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st. mary's health clinics

Providing necessary & accessible health services to the medically uninsured and underserved.


Started in 1992, St. Mary's Health Clinics has served the Twin Cities metro area by providing free medical care, outreach, and education to low-income, uninsured families and individuals who are not eligible for government programs. The clinics conduct health screenings, educate, and promote and do outreach in collaboration with community organizations.

St. Mary's allows a mother to prioritize her health without sacrificing care for her family and extended community. It provides culturally sensitive and competent healthcare that focuses on those unable to access care anywhere else.

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From July 2022 -  June 2023:


patient visits across the metro area, providing over 550 clinic sessions at 6 metro locations


specialty procedure referrals


people served with health screens, health education, referral sources, flu vaccines, and COVID screening and vaccine services.


volunteer hours served

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St. Mary's Health Clinics

1890 Randolph Ave

Saint Paul, MN 55105

651 - 287 - 7777

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