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December 16

The holidays are filled with treats and foods you may only enjoy once or twice each year. Making or enjoying a special treat for Christmas makes it even more special. And if you share your recipes with friends or pass them down from one generation to the next, the traditions and memories live on forever.

Below are two savory recipes we want to share with you from our community members, friends, and family. What's your favorite savory treat to make for the holidays? Let us know in the form at the end of the page so we can continue two of the best traditions of the season - cooking and sharing treats with people we love.

(To print the below recipes, click on the image and print from the next screen)


Nancy Davis is a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet. 


Joan Pauly Schneider is a co-director of Membership & Association and also a

CSJ Consociate (learn more about the Consociates).

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