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By Women. For Women. In Support of Women.

The Ministries Foundation raises funds to support programs for women, by women, that empower women, and directly gives back to communities in the Twin Cities.

Started in 1993, the Sisters of St. Joseph Ministries Foundation began to raise awareness and funds about programs started by the Sisters of St. Joseph. From the beginning the Sisters of St. Joseph have been dedicated to teaching advocacy, prioritizing education, nurturing spirituality, building resilience, supporting wellness, and taking action

Sheilla Finds a Home for All

Ary Works for St. Mary's Health Clinics Now

Regina's Experience at Sarah's... an Oasis for Women

who supported you when you were starting out?

what we support

social justice

The St. Joseph Worker Program empowers young women committed to social change with real-life experiences, leadership skills, and teaches them how to advocate effectively  for social justice. Women live in intentional community and give back to their neighbors and communities.

Participants of the program...

  • served 9,828 hours of volunteer service last year.

  • partner with 25 local non-profits.

  • graduate the program and go on to work in non-profits or advocacy work (85-90%).


Sarah's... an Oasis for Women provides a home, safety, and dignity for a diverse community of immigrants women healing from trauma, where they can begin new and productive lives. It allows a woman to heal from trauma without worrying about her next meal, where she'll sleep, or her physical safety.

At Sarah's...

  • nearly 700 women have been served since 1996.

  • 64% of residents are employed and 40% are furthering their education.

  • works with 150 local organizations and refers residents to 36 regularly.


Learning In Style School provides quality education in computer competency, citizenship preparation, English, and math to adult immigrants and refugees. Childcare is available on-site for mom's working toward furthering their careers along with a food shelf open to the community.

The school...

  • taught 150+ students on Zoom last school year.

  • provides 20 classes to students throughout the week.

  • has served 48,000+ pounds of food since opening a food shelf on-site. 


St. Mary's Health Clinics provides free health services and education to individuals and families without access to healthcare. Teaching its patients to care for their physical and mental health, St. Mary's gives peace of mind to families needing medical care but are barred from accessing government healthcare programs.

Last year the clinics...

  • distributed more than 10,000 COVID vaccinations through partnerships with local healthcare organizations.

  • provided 4,803 patient visits across 869 clinic session.

  • volunteers served for 5,171 hours.

Because when women support each other, incredible things happen.

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